To Protect Our Climate

We aim to bring about policy changes and actions
in Japan and the world

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What’s New


Climate Integrate is an independent nonprofit organisation established in 2022 in Japan.

Our Work

icon Climate Policy

Climate Policy
To make steady reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, Climate Integrate analyzes existing policies and frameworks, and recommends changes that can remove barriers and lead to more robust climate action.

icon Diplomacy

Climate change is a global challenge. Climate Integrate engages in dialogue and makes recommendations to ensure that government efforts to find solutions move in the right direction.

icon Governance

Governance at multiple levels must be done in ways that foster participation, dialogue and inclusion. Climate Integrate supports the creation of objective, transparent, and flexible governance systems.

icon Sustainable Finance

Sustainable Finance
Climate Integrate engages in collaboration, dialogue and projects with financial and industry sector stakeholders to promote decarbonization of the economy.

icon Communication

Communication & Outreach
Climate Integrate provides information and the knowledge needed to promote decarbonization, in terms of science, politics, policies, technologies, costs, and environmental impacts, and support multiple stakeholders’ actions.