Career Opportunities

Climate Integrate is an independent non-profit organization launched in 2022 and based in Japan.

To create a just, sustainable and decarbonized society, the world must deal with various challenges, remove obstacles, and have the required mechanisms, support and information to facilitate the required transition. 

To protect our climate, we aim to bring about policy changes and actions in Japan and the world. We conduct research, engagement, and communication to accelerate policy changes and actions. And we  support multi-stakeholders’ efforts, envisioning integrated approaches that connect scientific, political, and social dimensions.

Climate Integrate seeks staff who have a passion to take on the challenge of addressing climate change and join us in creating a cooperative team.

Work is done remotely, in principle, and we offer a flexible work environment to support healthy work-life balance, for responsible and disciplined staff.

Expectation to all staffs

  • Share Climate Integrate’s vision and mission
  • Have a keen interest in climate change issues and be highly motivated to tackle them
  • Be motivated to support the startup of the new organization as a team player
  • Be able to think outside the box, think critically, and strategically
  • Be able to accept diverse ideas and willing to try new things
  • Be able to actively engage in dialogue with people from different sectors and who have different views
  • Have a strong sense of responsibility about tackling one’s work


Work location: Remote work, in principle. Any work location is generally acceptable (residents in Japan preferable).

Position details: Full time (can discuss flexible work conditions, including part time)

Term: 1 year (includes 3-month probation), contract renewal possible

Salary: According to our organization’s pay scale regulations (consideration given to candidate’s experience)

Social security: Employment Insurance, Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance, health insurance, employee’s pension and insurance coverage)

Holidays: In accordance with our regulations (we have various leave programs, including annual paid holiday).

Days off: Two days per week, stat holidays, plus New Years, summer, winter holidays (can discuss days off/leave based on flexible work conditions)

Other: We have programs to support health maintenance, training/capacity development, childcare, nursing care

* The above benefits are based on full-time employment. For part time, partial benefits will depend on work status.

Current openings

The following positions are available. (You are welcome to apply even if you don’t have all skills listed.)

Program Director: Sustainable Finance

Major Responsibilities

  • Conduct research, analysis and programs to accelerate the achievement of decarbonization in corporate sectors through ESG investments and sustainable finance
  • Facilitate dialogue and engagement with companies, institutional investors and other actors
  • Administrative support relating to these responsibilities

Required Skills

  • At least 3 years of experience in ESG investment and sustainable finance
  • Knowledgeable about decarbonization trends relating to public and private financial institutions and institutional investors, as well as ESG investments and sustainable finance
  • Able to function competently in both Japanese and English (participate in dialogue/discussion, write reports/blog posts, make presentations, etc.). (Please provide evidence of proficiency and experiences in your non-native language.)
  • Able to use computers and the relevant software to function smoothly in these responsibilities.

Hiring: Immediate. Start date subject to discussion.

Application deadline: June 17, 2022 (may be extended depending on response)

How to apply: Please send an e-mail with the subject line “Job application” and the following attachments to

  • CV (Japanese or English)
  • 1 page cover letter (your reasons for applying)
  • Additional information about your experience, career/work history, skills (e.g., competency in software, social media, video editing, etc.), and evidence of your qualifications, language proficiency, etc.